HealthEngine is a healthcare technology and services company that is working to make healthcare more affordable for all. We have created a dynamic marketplace for healthcare services where consumers and physicians can win.


The U.S. healthcare system is broken. Health plans only negotiate rates with providers once every three to five years. Facilities account for an increasingly large percentage of our healthcare spend. There is enormous variability in pricing for the exact same service with no correlation to quality of the experience or clinical outcomes. Today consumers don’t see that variability and providers have no mechanism to address it.

With the shift toward high deductible health plans, the consumer is responsible for managing more of their healthcare costs and isn’t tolerating having no voice. And they’re looking to their physician to safeguard both their medical and financial health.

In 2012, Jonathan Weiss, MD, and Professor Amitabh Chandra, founded HealthEngine to solve these issues. They had seen the HealthEngine model work in Europe and knew the U.S. could benefit from a similar approach. The answer is HealthEngine’s dynamic marketplace for healthcare services where both consumers and physicians/facilities win. Consumers can choose the most cost-effective healthcare providers without compromising quality. Physicians have control over how they are described in the market and can choose to practice out of more cost-effective facilities. And the most value-oriented facilities have an opportunity to earn more business.

Everyone wins.


At HealthEngine we believe that:

  1. Consumers should be able to shop for high-quality healthcare services the same way they do for everything else that matters to them.
  2. Healthcare providers – physicians and facilities – should be able to control their profiles in the market and be constantly rewarded for showing higher quality at a lower cost.
  3. Prices should be dynamic instead of staying unchanged and uncompetitive for years on end.
  4. More of the dollars should flow to the physician doing the procedure than the facility where the procedure is being done.


Jonathan Weiss, MD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jonathan Weiss is Founder and CEO of HealthEngine, a healthcare technology…

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Amitabh Chandra


Amitabh Chandra is the co-founder of HealthEngine, a healthcare technology company that provides…

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Dr. David Song

Chief Medical Officer

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