Average increase in deductible for all covered workers between 2010 and 20151
Average savings per consumer when a HealthEngine provider is chosen
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“I contacted HealthEngine because I needed an MRI and I was informed that they would be able to provide me a lower out-of-pocket cost through their service. The Care Concierge offered me several options to choose from. I selected a location close to my home and paid a fraction of what I would’ve had to pay without HealthEngine. She even made my appointment for me and made sure the results got to my MD. I can’t say enough good things about HealthEngine-easiest and most affordable thing in healthcare I’ve dealt with.”
- Betty L.
“Just. WOW. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the level of service you’ve provided for me! I was upset that my husband asked me to call to compare pricing for my MRI, and it turns out your quote will be saving us over $2,900 and I’m able to get in tomorrow for the MRI. Then to have you actually make the appointment for me and explain everything so thoroughly…. I’m thrilled and so grateful.”
- Kelly S.
“Great resource and user friendly (especially compared to my insurance company which keeps me on hold for 30 minutes). Went for an MRI and got a refund check. Sent my wife thru too.”
- HealthEngine User
“As an associate in the health care industry, I am pleased with how simple this process has been. Helping me find a provider that works with my insurance AND making me the appointment was a helpful way of ensuring that I meet my healthcare goals. So, thank you again!”


HealthEngine works with all commercial insurance except with Government-sponsored plans including Medicare/Medicaid and Tricare.
You can save when beyond your plan’s negotiated rate when you choose a provider offering a Value Price through HealthEngine. These savings – the difference between what you paid without HealthEngine and what you paid with us – come in the form of a rebate in which you can share.