Step 1

Sign up at and search for the procedure, specialist or provider you need.

Step 2

See results that give you information to help you make the best decision based on quality and potential cost savings. The green HealthEngine prices represent up to a 70% discount off of normal rates.

Step 3

Learn more about a provider before you make a decision. Simply click on the provider’s name to see their background, experience, location, and more.

Step 4

See the cost of the procedure by facility. If you choose a HealthEngine partner, we will send you a refund check for the difference between what you pay without us and what you pay with us. Even if you pay nothing out of pocket. Really.

Step 5

Click on “request appointment” to start the scheduling process. Let us know your time and date preferences and our Care Concierge will take care of the rest.


Getting Started

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Activation Instructions

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HealthEngine provides a technology platform that empowers consumers to save between 20-60% on healthcare services and gives physicians the ability to communicate their value to potential patients in terms of education, experience and other unique factors. When utilizing HealthEngine, consumers are finally able to shop for healthcare in the same way they shop for virtually everything else that matters to them.
CDW is offering HealthEngine so that you have a tool to get maximum value from your existing health insurance plan. The ultimate goal is for you to get great healthcare at a lower price.

HealthEngine is available to help you find the healthcare procedures, providers and specialists you need. HealthEngine offers value in several ways:

  1. Provider Search: It allows you to easily search for nearby healthcare providers that perform the procedure you need. HealthEngine provides information, when available, to help you evaluate healthcare providers, such as their educational background, training and procedure volume.
  2. Estimated Pricing Guide: HealthEngine provides estimated prices across providers for many common procedures so you can make an informed choice.
  3. The Care Concierge team that will save you time by scheduling appointments for you and managing all of the other details related to your procedure.
HealthEngine’s platform shows you the variety of prices available for nearly 200 common medical procedures across 1.2 million providers. You may be surprised to know that prices can vary by 200% to 600% for the same service. With this information you’re able to decide which provider to see and what price to pay.
HealthEngine provides information on each healthcare provider and facility in its database. When you click on the name of physicians in the database, you will see information including the physician’s location, specialty, academic degrees and training (when available).
HealthEngine is available at no cost to both you and CDW.
Yes – the HealthEngine platform is HIPAA compliant.
No. HealthEngine is a resource for you to use in making your own healthcare decisions. HealthEngine will not recommend or choose any healthcare providers or procedures for you.
First you will need to activate your account using the personalized activation link that HealthEngine emailed you. If you didn’t receive an email, visit and click on the “Get new activation link” link. Once your account has been activated, you can find the site at or by calling our Care Concierge team at 877.772.5595.