Brad Fluegel to join HealthEngine Advisory Board to provide relevant perspective and guidance to the leadership team as the company rapidly scales its user base.


Chicago-based healthcare services and technology company HealthEngine announces the addition of Brad Fluegel, chief healthcare commercial market development officer for Walgreens, to the HealthEngine Advisory Board. Mr. Fluegel brings a wealth of experience across virtually every dimension of healthcare, having served as a senior health insurance executive with both Aetna and Wellpoint prior to his tenure at Walgreens.

“I am pleased to join the HealthEngine Advisory Board and to have an opportunity to serve in this capacity with such an innovative and groundbreaking company,” said Mr. Fluegel. “HealthEngine is positioned to help address rising healthcare costs and access challenges, while working to re-focus the industry in support of the doctor-patient relationship.”

Mr. Fluegel joins six current members of HealthEngine’s Advisory Board, including Dr. Amitabh Chandra, Dr. David Song, Stephen Savage, Chad Leat, Les Funtleyder and Ramon Tisare. The primary mission of HealthEngine’s Advisory Board is to provide relevant perspective and guidance to HealthEngine’s management team and Board of Directors as the company continues to rapidly scale its user base among patients, physicians, and healthcare facilities and systems nationally.

“We are pleased to welcome such an accomplished and insightful healthcare industry veteran to our Advisory Board,” said Dr. Jonathan Weiss, Founder and CEO of HealthEngine. “Mr Fluegel’s varied experience and well-informed perspective will be invaluable as HealthEngine continues to implement its unique and transformative marketplace platform.”

About HealthEngine:
HealthEngine is a physician-led company providing a technology platform and concierge service that empowers individuals and physicians to search for medical providers based on quality, service, and cost across virtually any health plan or network. Through HealthEngine, individuals can finally shop for high-quality, cost- effective healthcare services the same way they do for virtually everything else that matters to them. When people use HealthEngine, they are essentially telling healthcare providers in their insurance network to actively compete for their choice. Competition results in rates at the same high-quality providers in their insurance network that are typically 40-60% lower than those discounts their insurance plan has negotiated with the same places. HealthEngine partners with public and private sector employers, most frequently those that are self- insured and committed to improving the value of their health plans on behalf of their organizations and employees alike. To learn more, visit